Axis Construction

"As a Construction Management Firm specializing in Hospitals and Healthcare facilities, we have very high expectations regarding the professionalism and quality of work presented by our subcontractors.  Not only has HIG Services always lived up to those expectations, they have continually defined them.  From upper management down to technicians, the commitment to client satisfaction echoes throughout the company.  Whether we need a switchplate screwed on, or a transfer switch power-up on a holiday weekend, HIG Services has come through time and time again with a level of response and service, knowledge and professionalism which is unmatched by the competition. Their knowledge in the field, especially of medical imaging and hospital applications has aided us in presenting valuable value engineering options to the clients, and helping the client to understand the applications in laymen’s terms.  Some of my clients have even come to a level of trust in HIG that they have requested using them as direct consultants to aid in design and development of future jobs. All-in-all, working with HIG Services has made my job easier, and we look forward to a long and prosperous future as business partners."

Mark From Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology

"In the hustle and bustle of everyday activity, the extra effort made by individuals sometimes gets noticed, but not formally recognized.  I am writing to recognize the work in this letter or recommendation for Andy Culuris and his entire staff at HIG Services.  No job is too big or too small for HIG services.  There is never an issue of day/night/weekend/holiday.  They are so customer friendly that you think they're one of us.  As their mission statement reads-- "On time and within Budget"--they are often ahead of schedule on most if not all scheduled projects.  HIG's staff include dedicated and well trained professionals.  They perform their work in exemplary fashion.  They display a strong interest in their customers and educates us in a manner that we completely understand what each project entails.  They are always available to communicate with, including evenings and weekends and are an advocate for the growth and success of our practice. Andy and his team are responsible for scheduling, organizing, administration, planning, development and installation of all equipment.  They have expertise in not only standard electrical methods but are masters in installing the most complicated imaging and therapy equipment.  They work in concert with our owners, management team, architects, engineers and fellow trades to ensure that each installation is completed appropriately. It remains my pleasure to be associated with Andy Culuris and HIG Services.  Their expertise and dedication to Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology as a customer is admirable.  Their achievements should be acknowledged and recognized at all levels and I give them my highest recommendation to support their endeavors."

Mark Robertson From Phoenix Medical Construction

"I have worked with HIG Services for over ten years.  They have successfully performed dozens of projects for Phoenix Medical Construction.  The key strength areas that HIG has include ; schematic design and cost estimating,  value engineering, competent trained manpower in the field, and a strong administrative office team. HIG provides detailed project oversight and follow up on small single room renovations as well as out of the ground building projects. I highly value the relationship that Phoenix enjoys with HIG Services recommend them to any clients seeking a competent and capable electrical contractor."